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EXCELerate 2015: Grow Your Business with the Speed of Collaboration is dedicated to women entrepreneurs and professionals from all sectors, including small, medium and large- sized enterprises and organizations. The mission of this conference is to significantly impact and increase the economic empowerment of women globally through knowledge, connections and collaboration.

EXCELerate 2015 is a powerful strategic alliance between GroYourBiz (www.GroYourBiz.com), Professional Women’s Network (www.pwncanada.ca), WBE Canada (www.WBECanada.org) and UnitedSucces (www.UnitedSucces.com). Connected through values and vision, we collaborate to benefit our members and stakeholders.


EXCELerate 2015 is limited to 500 delegates who will include:

  • Women business owners from around the globe;
  • Corporate representatives, government attendees, and professionals from academia, finance, manufacturing, transportation, accounting and legal, etc.;
  • Women intent on empowerment to become more engaged, proactive and confident in their own business growth;
  • Corporations that will provide insights into their global procurement strategies including local engagement and corporate social responsibility;
  • Financial institutions that will offer strategies for those seeking to leverage financial instruments;
  • Trade practitioners who will offer pathways to engage with and demystify trading practices;
  • Inspirational leaders of both global corporations and small businesses who share meaningful insights to shape new thinking to enable sustained, strategic growth;
  • Government and key stakeholders who will facilitate connections and be catalysts for new opportunities;
  • Students in international trade who can offer new ideas and perspectives to spur innovation;
  • Media representatives who will provide coverage of the event and capture its accomplishments.

EXCELerate 2015 Outcomes:

The event will produce the following outcomes for women participating in this inaugural conference:

  • Women will be empowered to become more engaged, active and confident to take charge of their own business growth;
  • Increased global connections will be fostered and supported through networking with service providers and other participants;
  • Participants will gain practical advice from leaders of global corporations and small businesses to shape new strategic directions and excelerated change;
  • Partnerships and dialogue between key stakeholders will be initiated;
  • Seeds will be planted for global connections to develop among women business enterprises and corporations, knowledge experts, and government.

EXCELerate 2015 is an exceptional opportunity for women business leaders to come together and share their expertise and become empowered to excelerate their business growth.

We will deliver a stellar program of dynamic speakers to present on relevant topics of current economic and business development interest that are focused on “growing business domestically and globally.” Our broad cross-section of presenters includes representatives from the private sector, government and academia.


For More Information contact:

Barbara Mowat, President & Founder, GroYourBiz Ltd.

Executive Director for EXCELerate 2015
2625A Alliance Street, Abbotsford, BC   V2S 3J9 Canada
T: 604.534.5007 I C: 604.644.8298 I F:604-533.2918

E-mail: Barbara.Mowat@GroYourBiz.com

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