Isabel Banerjee


Honored for seven consecutive years as one of Canada’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs™ and 2007 and 2009’s Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful™ women owned businesses, Isabel was a recipient of Globa EXEC Women’s International Influence™ 2009 award. Isabel  credits  her  life’s  journey  with  the  practical  business  and  relationship  skills  that became  her  trademark  style.  During diverse career experiences in retail, automotive, aviation and service industries, Isabel absorbed the knowledge needed to succeed in private-sector business. In 1986, opportunity led her to the chemical industry and within three years, she launched her own chemical brokerage firm, Phancorp Inc. Boldly going where few women had yet succeeded, Isabel focused on innovative solutions, formed strategic partnerships with her customers and suppliers around the globe and grew the business into an award winning, global chemical wholesaler.  In 2009, Isabel sold the assets of Phancorp Inc., to dedicate herself to mentoring others to personal and professional success.Isabel relocated to Arizona in 2011 and founded BIYA Global, Inc.  In 2014, Isabel advanced her goal to help more entrepreneurs benefit from her forty+ years business education and expand a successful and in-demand program, GroYourBiz™,to the United States commencing with MyBusinessMyBoard™ Advisory Groups in Arizona. Serial entrepreneur, inspiring speaker and aspiring author with a passion for helping others maximize their potential, Isabel’s drive comes from the belief that confidence, success and satisfaction are more easily achieved and sustained when working from individual and collective strengths.

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