Ashifa Jumani

Ashifa Pic

Ashifa is a local Vancouverite who graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s degree in Science. After working in the Real Estate market for a number of years, she moved to Ontario to pursue her interest in Procurement.

Her procurement experience includes such companies as Synnex, American Express and Pfizer. Ashifa currently works at TELUS, where she has been for the past five years as a Strategic Sourcing Manager and now as a Director in Procurement. Her team manages $1.5B in annual spend including the marketing, real estate, mobile technologies and human resources categories. While at TELUS, Ashifa has won the Passion for Growth award and has been nominated for Distinguished Leader and Chloe awards.

Ashifa is a strong believer in giving back to the community and involves her 6 year old daughter in participating in annual TELUS cares days as well as volunteering for activities within her community.


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