Finka Jerkovic

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Finka Jerkovic, CPCC coach, Certified Fascinate Advisor, personal branding consultant and communications strategist, www.finka.ca.

In today`s business world, women face many challenges. Now more than ever, women need to know, understand and bring her value to the table.  No longer, can fear of failure, lack of self-promotion or the desire to please all, stand in the way. In this competitive and distracted world, women need to know what makes them distinct before they become extinct.

Finka helps women to do just that.

Finka works with entrepreneurs, professional careerists and teams using the Fascination Advantage® system.  How to Fascinate® helps you discover the distinct value you bring. How to Fascinate® is the first science based professional branding system that is based not on how you see yourself, but how the world sees you.

Prior to founding FINKA Communications Inc. she spent  20+ years in Corporate Canada in the financial services industry, ranging in roles from sales, leadership, HR and training. Finka’s passions lie in helping women discover their `secret sauce`. She works with women on the edge of their bigger game activate their competitive advantage – their Fascinate Advantage®.  She believes that focussing on what you`re already doing right you will feel more confident,  no longer struggle to find the words to differentiate yourself  and  deliver impeccable results.


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