Julia Hubbel


Julia Hubbel is an award-winning entrepreneur, international professional speaker, seminar leader and prize-winning journalist specializing in the art of communications and connections.

Julia is a disabled, decorated Vietnam Era veteran who served as a journalist and television producer-director in the Army, and Chief of Military Protocol for the Jimmy Carter Presidential Inaugural in 1977.

In 1997, Julia created a diverse network of top-level professional women in the Inland Northwest, using her model for establishing relationships. The Hubbel Group became a voice for professional women from all backgrounds and spun off companies, partnerships and lasting friendships. The remarkable story of The Hubbel Group is profiled in the bestselling book Networking Magic.

She has spent three decades in senior corporate and consulting positions in the areas of training and organizational development in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Her clients include Dell Computer, Southern California Edison, Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, Intel, Chevron, Hewlett Packard, Bank of America, Delphi, Cisco Systems, Qwest, Exxon, Schering Plough, MassMutual, Sodexo, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, and Tyco International.

Julia is the author of the multiple prizewinning book WordFood: How We Feed or Starve Our Relationships, a radically new look at how we communicate and use words as food for each other. She is also the author of Tackling the Titans, How to Sell to the Fortune 500, a handbook for diverse, women and veteran owned businesses who want to sell to American’s largest corporations. Titans has also won honors for its value to the supplier community.

Julia holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications and Public Relations from American University in Washington, DC. She is an ISM Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity.

Diversity Plus Magazine named her one of 2012 Top 25 Most Powerful Women Impacting Diversity.

Currently Julia is working on two more books, WordFood Exchange and a book about her favorite travel stories, including the one about the gaucho who set her underwear on fire.

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